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We've added 3D Scanning Services! 3D scanning allows us to capture a digital likeness of just about any type of physical object! 
At East Coast Additive, we can scan a component and move that scanned image into CAD software to prepare it for printing a 3D duplicate.

Often, the scanned image is not “clean" enough for printing directly from an initial scan. Or, perhaps the component is to be incorporated into a larger CAD assembly. In either scenario, we can now scan the image to be pulled into CAD and then allow for a new 3D component to be modeled on top of the scan. This allows for adherence to dimensional accuracy. With the proper CAD model, we can now modify or incorporate the scan into a variety of printing projects.

We can scan a foundational area and then create a new design to fit it a specific applicable.

Common Applications

Perhaps you have a building with a specially-shaped concrete corner piece with missing or damaged piece.  We can scan the unblemished piece and then print a plastic piece to act as a mold for casting a new, replacement concrete corner piece!

Often, components may extend between two different mounting points on a car.  Getting an accurate measurements between these mount points can be exceptionally challenging within a 3 dimensional space.  At East Coast Additive, we can scan the entire area (such as under the hood), paying particular attention to the areas where a new component will mount.  From there, we can move the area (such as the under hood) into CAD, where a new component can be drawn. The new drawing can utilize the mounting points accurately within the 3D space.  Also, we can simply use the scan to pull dimensions that are difficult to obtain through other, traditional methods.

Many times, our clients will have a damaged part that needs to be replaced.  We can scan the part to create a CAD model.  The model could be sent to a machine shop or mold maker for casting a replacement component.  

Whatever the application, count on East Coast Additive for 3D Scanning!

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