This is a follow-up to our prior video where we printed a set of vise jaw clamps to demonstrate fixturing and tooling. In this installment we reprinted the same clamps on our Markforged system with continuous carbon fiber and we apply torque work to see just how strong it really is.

In this episode we use a simple sprocket to demonstrate how 3D printing can be used to create special tooling and fixturing to solidly hold odd shaped pieces. Come back for Part II (posting here on May 15) where we put it through the torque test.

Today we are talking about how to compensate for the differences between actual hole sizes that come out of your 3D printer versus hole sizes asked for in your 3D modeling program. Usually the printed parts coming off of your 3D printer have dimensional differences from what you may have requested from your CAD package. By printing some short sample pieces, you can better understand these differences and compensate for them in your final CAD model so that your actual printed part comes out with precision.

This is our 2nd in a line of special tools for Kawasaki 900 and 1000’s. This tool positively locates in the exhaust port and provides accurate location for drilling of exhaust studs.

Drill Fixture for kz900 and kz1000 Cylinder Heads

This is East Coast Additive’s drill guide for repairing stripped threads in a Kawasaki KZ900 or KZ1000 cylinder head. The 3d-printed guide locates securely on dowels and provides precise alignment to drill out for installation of a Helicoil or a Time-Sert.